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Manufacturing the Filling Machine is challenge in real terms because the design of Machine is completely depending on Material Characteristics.

Every specific product has their own characteristics which need specific filler. Product specification is the most important parameter to decide the technology of filling machine.

If only container shape and size get changed there are facility to do adjustment or applying change parts. But It is really essential to understand the tendency and characteristics of Fluid.

Machpack worked with varieties of characteristics of fluids as under and designed customized machines:

  • Free Flow Liquid
  • Low Density Liquid – the flow is not easy to stop
  • Highly Viscous Liquid
  • Material reacts under pressure
  • Change in property of material – Ex. hot material loss the temperature when it cools down
  • Highly Viscous liquid
  • Foam generating material
  • Material which requires constant temperature
  • Need of nitrogen flushing or hot air flushing
  • Material containing big particles sizes and lumps
  • Flammable Liquid
  • Many other types of requirement…..

Also, its most important to maintain quality of product, accuracy, safety and wastage.

User demands economic choice but it is based on many operational considerations with addition to specific and unique characteristics of the filling equipment.

To comply with each application there are different types of Filler technologies can be used like Pump Based, Syringe Based, Pneumatic Valve Based, Gravity Filling System, Overflow Filling System, 3 way valve mechanism, Backpressure Filling System, weight filling system and many more to fill different characteristic’s material. Though some challenging material needs specialty and mechanical, pneumatic, electrical engineering customizations

This customization needs in different parts of machine and technology for perfect filling as under:

  • Suitable types of Nozzles, suitable length of nozzles, nozzle mouth opening size and shape, negative suction system, nozzle shutoff pattern, angle design
  • Maintenance of suction height or length or overhead tank or hopper
  • Specialized syringes or pumps
  • Specialized actuators for controlling flow of material for sticky and lumpy material
  • Operational settings to set accurate timing of suction, flow and shutoff
  • Jacketed system to keep material warm to maintain characteristics
  • Suitable types of bottle travelling paths and bottle handling systems
  • Constant Heat protection structure to maintain viscous product flow at the same rate
  • Arrangement of cooling channel or conveyor or table after hot fill applications for next station of packaging
  • Usage of sensors as a feedback signal

Engineering is combination of Logic and Technology. Customization by different applications results into perfect Filling Equipment.

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