Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

liquid filling and sealing machine

Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

Filling Range:  1 ml to 100 ml    ( No Need of Change Parts)

Output: 30 to 80  per minute. (Depending upon Liquid and Ampoule)

Applicable Industry :

Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetic and relevant

Suitable for pharmaceutical products

  • Heavy duty base with robust construction off S.S. matt finished body
  • Ampoule Filling & Sealing machine is specially designed for ampoule drawing, filling and sealing combined equipment for injections
  • In this machine, belts / reciprocating agitators are provided in the feeding station. The filled ampoules in the sealing station are spun by rotating pinions of cylindrical rollers on the endless chain drive in cooperation with inclined discs.
  • The machines are designed for operation in a sterile area and for use under laminar flow protection
  • Ampoules will have complete grip throughout the process for proper fill and no spillage
  • No ampoule No fill arrangement
  • Easy and accurate adjustments of fill desired quantity with the help of change parts
  • Various models available as per output speed requirement (1 / 2/ 4 head)
  • Suitable for Pharmaceuticals filling and sealing