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Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Filling Range:  5 gm to 1 Kg (with the help of Change Parts)

Output:  30 to 80 bottles per minute. (Depending upon Ointment Characteristics and Filling Size)

Applicable Industry :

Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Agrochemical and relevant

Suitable for Different Types of Material like Cream, Ointment, Paste and Relevant

An automatic Tube Filling Machine is used to automatically fill and seal the laminated tubes, plastic tubes and aluminium tubes for various industries. The Automatic Tube Filling Machine is also known as a Tube Filler. The main purpose of this machine is to fill liquid or semi-liquid products into tubes. It is an automatic technology that helps increase the efficiency of the production process and reduces user fatigue. Tubes will be placed in an automatic tube filling machine to automatically fill them with liquid. These containers/Tubes come in various shapes and sizes, from long thin tubes to round or square shapes. The tube filling machine is built with several tanks that have the liquid product in them, and many material feeders that push the product into the tubes. This machine can fill a variety of tubes with a variety of liquids at a high rate of production per hour. The tube filling machine is in demand in the pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical, Dairy, Chemical, Food, and Cosmetics Industries.

The machine can fill 8 to 12 tubes and has a filling range of 5 gm to 1kg. The machine is suitable for filling different types of material such as Cream, Ointment, Paste, Gel, Tooth Paste and other relevant types of material. The machine is sturdily designed for viscous and paste filling and it fills 30 to 80 tubes per minute. The machine has stainless steel matt finished body and has multiple Filling ranges with arrangements of different change parts. The machine works smoothly and is easy to operate. Machpack Process Machines is the Automatic Tube Filling Machine manufacturer in Ahmedabad offering the best quality Tube Filling Machine in Ahmedabad.

Features of Automatic Tube Filling Machine :

  • Heavy duty base with robust construction off S.S. matt finished body for viscous filling and paste filling
  • Compact and versatile unit S.S. matt finished body, easy to understand.
  • Multiple Filling range with the arrangement of different change parts
  • Suitable for different shapes and size containers
  • Various models available as per output speed requirement (1 / 2/ 4 head) with automatic feeding system
  • Suitable for Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical, Dairy, Chemical, Food, Cosmetics Industries

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Technical Details

Number Of Filling Head 2 / 4 / 6
Number of Inner Head NA
Number of Sealing Head NA
Number of Applicator NA
Production / Rate 8 To 12 / 12 To 16 / 40 To 50 Bottle /Min (Depend On Fill Size And Material Characteristic)
Fill Size 5 ml to 2.5 Ltr / 50 ml to 5 Ltr / 100 ml to 10 Ltr/ 500 ml to 25 Ltr (Without help of change parts)
Type of Product Plastic, Glass, HDPE bottles, tins and containers
Type of Filling Material Liquid Low Density, High Density, Viscous, Hot, Cold
Type of Seal NA
Type of Label NA
Label Specification NA
Material Contact Part SS 316
Material Non-Contact Part SS 304, SS Cladded MS Body Plate
Type of Technology Linear, Pneumatic / Mechanical Pump / Syringe Based, Controller Based / PLC Based
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