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Dry Syrup Filling Machine

Dry syrup filling machine is used to fill powder, granules and similar substances in dry form. It is a microcontroller based system with the latest technology. This machine is suitable for 5 gm to 50 gm of powder filling and it has multiple filling ranges. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The microcontroller based system ensures the accuracy of the filling weight. The Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine is designed for accurate, gentle and easy-to-handle working. It is the perfect machine for any industry in need of a cost-effective filling solution. Dry syrup filling machines are usually used in pharmaceutical industries so they need to ensure accuracy while being gentle with the product while it is being filled.  Mackpack offers the Dry Syrup Filling Machine at Best Price in India.

Features of Semi automatic powder filling machine:

  • Heavy duty base with robust construction off S.S. matt finished body
  • Suitable for 5 gm to 50 gm powder filling with the help of change parts
  • Microcontroller based system with latest technology
  • Multiple Filling range with arrangement of different syringes and change parts
  • No container No fill arrangement
  • Easy and accurate adjustments of fill desired quantity with the help of change parts
  • Various models available as per output speed requirement (1 / 2/ 4 head)
  • Machine can be synchronized with Airjet Washing, Visual Inspection, Capping, Induction Sealing machine
  • Suitable for Pharmaceuticals industries

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