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Semi Solid Material Packaging Ointment, Cream, Gel, Tooth Paste and similar type of material

Packaging solutions is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Customized solution is needed to meet different requirement by practical modification in design and system of machinery. Machpack operates a broad range of packaging machines.

What is the meaning of Paste?

Semi-Solid Material with different types physical characteristics like Sticky, Pulpy, Soft, Smooth, High Viscous, Hardeners and many more. Paste if known with different name as per characteristics for different industries as under

  • Pharmaceutical Ointments, Creams, Balm, Jelly
  • Cosmetic Creams , Lotions, Face Wash, Shampoo, Hand Wash
  • Personal Care Tooth Paste, Gel
  • Cleaning Material Dish Wash, Liquid Wash
  • Food Sauce, Paste, Butter, Cheeze, Jelly, Chocolate, Pulp, Pickles, Yogurt, Shrikhand, Lassi, Duff and similar products
  • Adhesive
  • Paint
  • Construction Chemical

Factors to be considered for selection of A right Ointment Filling Machine

  • Container Type: Various Shape and Size of Jars, Tubes, Bottles, Cans, Tins and Pouches
  • Characteristic of Paste : Hot, Cold, High Viscous, Sticky, Flammable, Stable, Volatile, Containing Hardner
  • How the product is measured: By volume, weight, or count.
  • Operation Speed Requirement: A relatively slow Manual operation, Semi-automatic, Fully automatic
  • Desired Filling Volume
  • Any Special handling requirements of the product
  • Installation Cost
  • Operation
  • Availability of Skilled and Unskilled Machine User and Operators
  • Available Budget 

Machinery included in Ointment Filling Line

  • Washing and Sterilization Unit –  For cleaning or sterilizing to make container dust-free, germs-fee and make it contamination free
  • Scrambler and Auto feeding Unit – In this unit large quantity of containers, bottles, tins, cans and jars are loaded and will help to pass automatically in next procedure without help of operator
  • Ointment Filling Machine – Filling with help of different types of technology as per product characteristics and container or tube types
  • Capping Machine – Enclosure application on filled container is being performed in this machine with the help of change parts for different types of containers.
  • Induction Sealing Machine – This machine performs non-contact heating process that welds a foil, laminate and wad  to the neck or lip of jars and bottles. This is also called inner-seal which are applied for Safety purpose.
  • Labeling Machine – This machine is integral part of Packaging Machinery which is used to apply the labels on packed containers which is very important for Brand building, Brand Promotion, Information Sharing and many more..
  • Batch Coding Machine – This marking and coding machine is to print Batch number, Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date and other details on container or label.
  • Packing Conveyor – This the belt where packed containers or tubes are being traveled with required speed where carton packaging are being processed.
  • Bundle Wrapping Machine –  This is the packaging unit to pack the multiple lot of bottles, containers, tubes in bundle with the use of Polyethylene films or similar material which makes product convenient to travel and distribute.  

Machpack believes in “Technology Flexibility”. We provides flexible design and technology significantly Suitable for different types of products, Support of projects both large and small and  Executing challenging product lines containing many characteristics and multiple package types.

Custom design and construction of machine basically reduce changeover and maintenance costs with substantial economic benefits.


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