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New Trend in Bottle Filling Machine

  • cpadmin
  • September 30, 2020



Packaging Machinery has become indispensable part of packaged goods and its era of innovative packaging to meet market competitive demand.

Filling Machines grow in demand and its rise in highly technical machines demand against simple machines. Machpack Filling machines serve the most innovative solution to fill a wide range of liquid product covering from thin liquid to highly viscous liquids  foaming generating liquids. Our Filling Machines are manufactured with the automation as per requirement.

Machpack offers Electronic Filing machine which has servo-based control witness strong growth of packaging machinery. This is completely automized machine to fill containers exactly identical dose and appearance where product change over and bottle size change over are fully automated.

The selection of Machinery depend on Production Output Requirement, Filling Range, Type of Material, Budget and Space area. There are many types of filling technology like Piston Filler, Pneumatic Filler, Gravity Filler, Overflow Technology and many more. Each & Every technology has its own importance depends on material characteristic and its specifications.


Bottle Filling Machine by Machpack Process Machines

Machpack is into Volumatric Filling Technology and Electronic Filling Technology in to Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Technology.

Would like to educate about some comparison points of both the technologies


Volumatric Filling MachineElectronic Filling Machine
System range of Semi Automatic single and Double Nozzles upto Automatic Technology upto 12 NozzlesSystem range of Semi Automatic single and Double Nozzles upto Automatic Technology upto 12 Nozzles
Can handle Free Flow and Viscous MaterialCan Handle Free Flow, Low Density, High Viscous, Foaming Material
Filling Range 1ml to 10 ml / 30ml to 1 Ltr with the help of change partsFilling Range 10ml to 2 Ltr / 50ml to 5 Ltr / 1 Ltr to 20 Ltr  without help of change parts
Specific Change over time for different fill sizeQuick Change over time by HMI Touch Screen by pre-set recipes
Specific downtime for maintenance and cleaning the machine and syringesMinimal downtime for maintenance & Cleaning the machine
Require Separate Material Tank to fetch the material from itInbuilt material tank so no requirement of separate material tank
Maintain proper block, syringe and nozzle setting to avoid drippingInbuilt Zero Dripping facility exist in the machine. Just to provide proper air to operate pneumatic system.
Output is more than Electronic Filling Machine in countable number of 4 to 5 containersOutput is less than Volumatric Filling Machine in countable number of 4 to 5 containers
Filling Accuracy ±1% to 2% depends on liquid characteristicsFilling Accuracy ± 0.5% to 1% depends on liquid material characteristics and supply of air


Machpack also involved in automated Capping and Labeling Machine in different models.