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Machpack provides highly reliable solution to fill High Viscous and Paste into the non-standard container, jar, bottles, cans, tins, buckets, cartridges, tubes, and pouches. We offers customized solution with pneumatic and mechanical technology which are  easy to operate, simple to maintain and less spillage and wastages.

The model of machine are depend on material like Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Adhesives, Pesticides, Honey, Food Gravy and Paste, Fruit and Vegetable Pulp, Sauce, Jam, Pickles, Purees, Dairy Products, Petroleum Jelly, Sealants, Construction and Pesticide Chemicals and many more.


There are some points to be considered / noted while selecting specific model and technology.

  • Product type whether is it Viscous, Highly viscous having raisin, Free flow paste or thick paste
  • Requirement of production output
  • Types of technology like semi automatic, automatic or fully automized system. The selection depends on output requirement, budget, product sensitivity, space are and skill of operator
  • Technology impact on Material characteristics. It should not be changed while filling or warming to maintain its flow
  • Nozzle and outlet design flexibility to make suitability for different types of container and suitability of different types of material
  • Complication of machine cleaning and maintenance. Ex. High viscous material should fill up with technology of mechanical syringe because its easy to clean and maintain.

Machpack Offers Semi Automatic  Single Nozzle & Double Nozzles and Automatic upto 8 nozzles Viscous and Paste Fillers. We manufacture Mechanical and Pneumatic type of fillers with inbuilt hopper containing stirrer to stir the material and jacket when there is need of keep material warm or hot. There are Rotary and Linear type of technology depends on product container.


Type of models under Machpack Product Manufacturing Range:

  • Pneumatic Syringe based Single Head Semi Automatic Filler
  • Pneumatic Syringe based Double Head Semi Automatic Filler
  • Mechanical Syringe based Single Head Semi Automatic Filler
  • Mechanical Syringe based Double Head Semi Automatic Filler
  • Gear Pump based Single Head Semi Automatic Filler
  • Gear Pump based Double Head Semi Automatic Filler
  • Automatic Linear Pneumatic Syringe based Filler
  • Automatic Linear Mechanical Syringe based Filler
  • Rotary Tube Filling Machine
  • Rotary Cup Filling Machine


The filler can be set in complete line of packaging which includes container Washing, Feeding, Filling, Capping, Induction sealing, Conduction sealing, Conveyors, Labeling, Batch Coding.


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