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In this era, we all know the importance of proper hand washing to reduce harmful germs transmission. Hand wash and Soaps are used to keep hands clean.

Hand Sanitizer is nearby alternative of Soaps and Hand Washes when these products are not available or are not enough time to wash thoroughly. Hand sanitizer is portable, convenient and not time consuming which prevents disease spreading and contamination by killing the germs or bacteria.

At the early 2000, Hand Sanitizers are used in Hospitals, New Borne and Children Care and Hygiene Departments but at outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, it is widely used as a self-protection and personal hygiene. Now-a-days it has become an essential commodity.

There are both alcohol and non-alcohol-based sanitizers in form of Foaming Solution and Gel both.

Processing and Packaging of Hand Sanitizer has its own importance.  There are wide varieties of Hand Sanitizer packaging squeeze bottle, pumps, spray, pouch, disposable packets and many more.

Machpack team studied and understood the changing need of Packaging Equipment for Hand Sanitizer Industry. We design and provide Packaging Solutions for Hand Sanitizer Bottles and Jars.

Complete Hand Sanitizer Packaging System Includes:

Machpack offers selection of different models for Hand Sanitizer Filler, Sealer, Labelers and Conveyors to meet need of small scale as well big scale production output with high quality.

The machines are suitable for different shaped and sized containers, enclosures and labels.



Liquid Filling Machine to fill different sized and shaped Bottles and Jars with different types of technologies to fill Normal, Low-density, Viscous and Foaming material with Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic models.


filling machine for sanitizer packaging



Second Process is Bottle and Jar Sealing. The Machine ensures tight closure to protect product. Machine suitable for different shaped bottles like Round, Oval, Flat and Plastic Cap, Flip-off Cap and other varieties with the help of change parts.


sealing machine for sanitizer packaging



Last Process is the Labeling which is all about information of product, company information, production content information and consumer attraction towards product. We offers perfect labeler to apply perfect labels.


labeling machine for sanitizer packaging


Moreover, Machpack believes in Customization. We assist the user by installing and modifying Liquid Filling Line which has full potential for thorough usage for long years and different products.

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