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Packaging challenges arise from the Product, its uniqueness, output requirement and many more.

MAPS incorporates Standard Design as well as Fully-Customized Packaging Solutions for Customers.

Our solutions are practical and effective for customization  by system-oriented approach with cost-effectiveness and top quality.

What is the meaning of Customization?

Customization means the modification in standard design or pattern as per customer’s unique need or demand of individual specification.

What is the need of Customization in Packaging Machine Manufacturing?

The Manufacturing revolution is defined by speed, quality, flexibility and customization as per each specific product and production.

Customer may require personalized functions of machine for different Size and Design of BOTTLES, CONTAINERS, POUCHES, BOXES, CAPS and LABELS.

Choosing packaging machinery includes consideration of many points like ….

  • Identical different type of Bottles, Enclosures and Labels for brand differentiation
  • Multiple products and Materials to be packed in single machine
  • Space Constraint or Floor Space
  • Capital Cost or Budget of procurement and purchase
  • Skilled and Unskilled Workforce availability
  • Maintenance and Service capability
  • To integrate or incorporate with other machinery
  • Safety point of view for hazardous or special material

We design specialized customized machinery with suitable technologies and maintain the record with availability of spares and skilled service staff.

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