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The Automatic Capping Machine is used for faster and proper placement and tightening of caps on filled bottles/ containers.

There are many type of caps and bottles for different types of fill size and product varieties for different industries as per product and market requirement. There are varieties of caps like Plastic Cap, Aluminum Caps, Metal Caps, Flip-off Caps, Press-on Caps, Tear-off Caps, Cork Caps, Lug Caps, Crown Caps, Child-resistant Caps and many more..

Most of the types of caps can be sealed in Automatic Capping Machine with the help of Change Parts. Hereunder sharing some information regarding Right Parts to Seal Custom Caps in same machine.

Star Plates: It is used in rotary capping machine which rotates on machine axis. The structure of star plate holds bottles during complete capping process. It supports bottles and carry under station of cap placement and cap tightening and then travel sealed bottles on conveyor for next station. Star Plates are required when bottles shape and size get changed.

Bowl for Cap: This is the hopper for cap loading. This part of capping is designed such a way so caps travels in given path and cap sorting process occurs. Also design of bowl ensures cap transportation in correct position. For this bowl is gently shaken by mechanical setup. Single Bowl is suitable for single type of cap. When cap size, type and shape get changed, there is need of specialized design of bowl as per cap.

Chute: The cap chute is the track that cap travel from bowl to cap placement station. This part needs to be designed and manufactured very precisely because cap feeding speed and smoothness cap delivery depend on this part only. The finger at end of chute holds the cap and release one by one on bottles as soon as neck of bottle catches the edge of cap. Leveling plate of this chute finger helps to place cap on bottle. This part need to by changed when there is change in shape, size and type of caps.

Capping Head: Above parts are essential for Automatic Capping Machine. But Capping Head is required for Semi Automatic and Automatic Capping Machine. When cap size, shape, type and quality get changed, head need to be changed for proper tightening of caps. The head remains continuous motion on axis on assembly of cam and spindle which keep head in up-down and rotating motion. Cap tightening can be done as per predefined torque. And torque can be set manually or by HMI in PLC based machine.

These are the basic parts to apply different type of caps in single capping machine. Precise design will help to get desired output with accuracy.

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