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Liquid Filling Line is a number of machines synchronized together in a Line for packaging of Liquid, Powder, Cream, Paste material into a container, bottle, Jar or tin…

Liquid Filling Line is important for Packaging of material very easily and speedily with less man power for different types of products.

The usage and requirements of Filling Line are different as per usages, industries and segments. Pharmaceuticals, Food, Beverages needs packaging line consisting Washing, Filling, Sealing, Inspecting, Labeling and others… Some products need only Filling, Capping and Labeling Machine.

Machpack Process Machines offers BASIC FILLING LINE which contains Filling Machine, Capping Machine and Labeling Machine. These machines can pack the material inline into the bottle perfectly with the highest accuracy rate.


This is linear line where bottle travels on conveyor and one by one operation get done each station. Different types of bottles, caps and various filling range can be set with the help of change parts wherever applicable. Machpack Labeling machine has counter in its design which gives facility of total counting of production.

Filling Machine :

Bottle are loaded on the conveyor, it travels on the conveyor and stop under the nozzle to get filled and then it moves further after filling automatically. Machine models and some parts get changed as per various types of material and products. There are different Filling Machine models like Mechanical, Electronics panel operated mechanical machine, Fully Atomized machines. In addition to standard applications, the machines can handle special products such as chemicals, acids, flammable or explosive materials, foaming products, viscous liquids, granules and many more by making some modifications in basic machines.

Capping Machine:

After Filling bottles travel towards capping station` Cap get placed on the bottle automatically and it get tighten automatically and pass towards labeling machine. Machpack offers single head capping, multi head capping, rotary capping and linear capping system as per customer’s requirement and product suitability. This machine can be added with inner plugs with extra assembly.

Labeling Machine

Sealed bottle travels towards label applicator on conveyor. Product get sensed by sensor and label releases through label roll and get pasted on product. There are different models of the labeling machine – Wrap Round, Double Side, Top Side, Double Side cum Round Wrap system. The coding device can be mounted on labeling machine.


All above machines can be synchronized with Washing/ cleaning, Inspection, Carton Packing, Group packing  and other machines in the line for packaging need.

Basic Filling Line can be extended

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