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  • cpadmin
  • February 15, 2021


This is the era of varieties of Products, Marketing & Banding. Packaging plays major role in this. There is increasingly awareness and demand of packaging in recent years.

Machpack involve in Bottle Packaging – Filling, Capping, Sealing and Labeling alongwith allied facilities. Verities of Bottle packaging is being important tool in each n every industries for the purpose of packing, use, preserving, protecting, transporting and distributing the products. Its also add the facility of sorting, differentiating, batching, coding and many more….

Packaging is not limited to some industries; Machpack serves to different segment like Pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Care, Cleaning Products, Food & Beverages, Dairy, Juice, Ghee, Edible Oil, Lubrication Oil, Pesticide, Agriculture, Chemical, Paint, Constructions, Adhesives and Many More.

Machpack provides different types of Filling, Sealing and Labeling technology on our quality and capability to deliver high-end products at affordable prices. MAPS incorporates standard designs as well as fully customized solutions which are practical and effective with cost-effectiveness and top quality.

Different industries needs verities of technologies fully depend on different types of bottles, enclosures, seals, labels. Selection of technology is also depend on floor space, capital cost & budget, skilled & unskilled operators, requirement of production output and many more… Material characteristics is the main challenge to choose design and technology of machinery. Some material may free flow, some may sticky viscous, some are low density or high density, some materials are having particles or raisins, also some have foaming property……

Based on above MAPS offers Semi Automatic, Automatic system, Fully Automized System with digital keypad, controller, PLC HMI touch screen with different types of technology of filling like volumetric, gear pump based, piston based, gravimetric, weigher based, loadcell based & sealing, induction & conduction technology like rotary, linear, pick & place, roller, pneumatic cylinder based, timer based & sticker application by verities of applicators and stoppering.

Machine with different technologies are equipped with pneumatic stoppering, bottle holders, actuators, jacketed tanks & hoppers, stirrers, timers, tapering, guides, supports, specialized nozzles and many more to match with requirement and customization of packaging.

MAPS serves to all wide range of Industries and varieties of products… We understand the need of customer and use our skill to design appropriate machine.